One thought on “Guess Whos Speaking At Daves Funeral

  1. FYI, the general sentiment among Mexicans, especially on boxing towns like Tijuana is that they actually dislike BOTH Canelo and Chavez Jr. Prior to the fight, a lot of people were joking if both could lose the fight if possible, however, Canelo was the clear favorite. Canelo has had his share of dislike from the day Televisa started hyping his career (not with them anymore) and Canelo was winning against a bunch of no-names in easy fights. Canelo slowly got experience and some respect of the general public with his latest wins, but the general sentiment still remains with the general Mexican people, that he hadn’t earned his right to even fight Mayweather. On Chavez Jr., everyone knew that he got his shot because of his name, also fighting a bunch of no-names, even worse than Canelo. On his side he had the support of Televisa’s “rival” network, TVAzteca, hyping his career (Chavez Sr. is/was a commentator for that network). For a nation that had been used to great fighters, to hear the boxing world today say that Canelo is or could be the “best” Mexico has to offer is an insult to a lot of boxing fans. The point about many Mexican fans siding with GGG is real, you can see it in Twitter and other places. There are a lot of Mexican fans that think Canelo will be handed his ass to him in September.


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