One thought on “Dave And Jeff Remember The L.A. Riots

  1. Hi Dave and Jeff,
    I thought you were or I was hoping you would use Tom Jones It’s Not Unusual, for your close out song. I have enjoyed you guys for years, I’m so glad you have
    the pod cast, I was irate what happened at 1360, I would always listen to your show later in the day online on demand due to I live in Las Vegas ( great place to visit but not to live ). Sports radio hiring ex football players, there is nothing worse and every city has them, and they have nothing to say, they fake it or they talk about how much the ate or bully the lead host. I have met you guys a couple of times, I spent time with you guys at Mandalay Bay Sports book before a Oscar De La Hoya fight Kevin was there from N. Y.with you guys. The discussion about KMPC Radio in the early to mid 90s was great, I could pick up the signal pretty well living in Oceanside at the time.


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