4 thoughts on “Dave and Jeff Show: What Did We Get Out of Celebrating San Diego?

  1. Love you guys both, Dave and Jeff, and I’ve been following you for years and years. I’ve got to take issue with one thing you said though Jeff, your opinion of the San Diego Union and their coverage I think is off base. The local newspapers job is to report everything that is going on in the city and that includes high school sports. you’re correct that it doesn’t need things like academic records every once in awhile. Also the fact that you no longer read the newspaper in San Diego and have sold out to the Los Angeles interests give you no right to discuss and judge what in the heck goes on with the San Diego Union although I do agree with your analysis of their staff and most of your coverage opinions. Again that’s just my opinion and I do love you guys and will always continue to watch and listen you guys and follow you but lighten up please . So glad to have found out about your podcast as I was going crazy with Dave and Jeff withdrawl. Looking forward to the very next one !


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